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Interesting Integration Posts

As entries for the FaithLearn contest start to filter in, I thought I’d post a handful of links to blogs that integrate in interesting ways the Christian faith and some branch of learning.  As you’ll see, the subject matter spans politics, philosophy, economics, and education.  The political motivation runs from very conservative to somewhat liberal.  But all of them are doing interesting things with the world as Christians, and that’s worth reading.

Please note that this list is necessarily idiosyncratic (all of the posts came from links on my own Google reader aggregator), and if you know of a really good integration post that someone’s written recently, by all means jump in!


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The FaithLearn Integration Blog Contest

When: Every month this semester

What: A blog contest featuring the most original, smartest, most credible, most exciting Internet writers at Emmanuel College (that’s you, folks) and their adventures in thinking as Christians about Education, Music, Biology, Pop Culture, History, and whatever else smart Christians think hard about

How: Start up a blog, or keep writing one if you have already.  When you’ve written a post that tackles some of the questions that a thinking Christian might ask, email the post’s URL to so that the judging committee can see it.  At the beginning of each month, we’ll award $25 in gift credit to the best post, and at the end of the semester, the best post will get $100 in gift credit!  (The runner-up will get $50, which ain’t shabby.)

Why: The world is reading on the Internet more every day.  The more smart Christian writers are showing how thinking Christians think, the better.  So get out there, and show us some Knowledge Inspired!

As more details become available, they will appear on the FaithLearn page.

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