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Congratulations to our September and October Project 15 Winners!

September: “Seeking Solace” by Madison Sanders

October: “The Battle for Souls in an F-150 and La Modelo Prison” by Heath Debalski

Both of these entries demonstrate the spiritual potential that narrative writing holds.  Congratulations to both, and best wishes as you defend your titles!


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Project 15 Entries for October 2010

We got a bumper crop of posts this month for Project 15, and here they are, in alphabetical order by first word (excluding articles) in the title:

“The Battle for Souls in an F-150 and Modelo Prison” by Austin Debalski

“Jim, Matthew, and Jesus” by Seth Porch

“Life at College So Far” by Michael Callicutt

“More Impossible” by Megan Starbuck

“Numbered Days” by Emily Spencer

“Questions: How Does God View Me?” by Holly Roberts

“A Season of Preparation” by Rachel Fenters

“Serving with a Studious Heart” by Rebekah Clark

“Worthless” by Jessi Caldwell

Judging will no doubt take some time, but when a winner does emerge, you’ll find out about it on Emmanuel College’s announcements email and (hopefully) here.


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