Project 15 Entries for October 2010

We got a bumper crop of posts this month for Project 15, and here they are, in alphabetical order by first word (excluding articles) in the title:

“The Battle for Souls in an F-150 and Modelo Prison” by Austin Debalski

“Jim, Matthew, and Jesus” by Seth Porch

“Life at College So Far” by Michael Callicutt

“More Impossible” by Megan Starbuck

“Numbered Days” by Emily Spencer

“Questions: How Does God View Me?” by Holly Roberts

“A Season of Preparation” by Rachel Fenters

“Serving with a Studious Heart” by Rebekah Clark

“Worthless” by Jessi Caldwell

Judging will no doubt take some time, but when a winner does emerge, you’ll find out about it on Emmanuel College’s announcements email and (hopefully) here.



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Project 15 Entries for September 2010

Here they are… the first batch of entries for our Project 15 contest!  The judges will select a winner over the next few days, but in the meantime, why not take a few minutes, read, comment, and enjoy these posts, in alphabetical order by author:

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A New Semester, A New Contest

It’s been a while, Emmanuel College.

The summer is over, we’re a month into school, and a new writing contest is upon us!  Take a look at the Project 15 link above for a new spin on a familiar (for some of you) blog contest, and start writing now for greater exposure online, a chance to reflect on faith and learning, and… oh yeah.  A chance at fifty bucks from your favorite merchant.

Check back here early in October for links to this month’s entries and an announcement of September’s winner!


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April FaithLearn Entries

“Wisdom for EC Undergrads” by Sierra McConnell

“What’s the Purpose?” by Brett McInnis

“The Butterfly” by Rachel Fenters

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March FaithLearn Entries “Getting Beneath the Surface” by Madison Sanders “Get Ready” by Katlyn Moncrief “aka the Super Spiritual” by Rachel Fenters

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February 2010 FaithLearn Entries

Here they are, and only a week late!

“Doubt: Part 1.5” by Sierra McConnell

“Step Outside” by Brett McInnis

“Thanking Him when You Don’t Feel Thankful” by Madison Sanders

We’re looking for contenders for the month of March, so start thinking now, and be ready to step to the plate for the penultimate clash of Emmanuel College’s blog warriors!

The FaithLearn judges will announce February’s winners shortly after Spring Break.

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January 2010 FaithLearn entries

Starting this semester, Composition Culture will start posting links to all of the entries in the month’s FaithLearn contest–there’s no reason to limit people’s exposure to just one.  So here are this month’s competitors, in something resembling alphabetical order.  The winner will be announced soon, so check back!

“My Cry” by Rachel Fenters:

“Prosperity and Poverty” by Sierra McConnell:

(If this link doesn’t work, just click on the January archives link–I can’t figure out why it works one moment and not the next.)

“The Passive Critic” by Brett McInnis:

“Value of Higher Private Education” by Anne MacMillan:

“No Strings Attached” by Madison Sanders:

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