Resources for Teachers

This page will always be under development as we discover new resources for faculty, education students, and anyone else interested in teaching and learning writing.

General Online Writing Helps

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab
    Comp teachers everywhere (at least everywhere Gilmour’s been) use this site–the Boilermakers have given all of us a great resource for college writing.  Inside are sections on generating ideas for writing assignments, style guides for documentation, tutorials for mechanics, and all sorts of fun things.  (They’re fun for English teachers.  I promise.)

Assignment Design Resources

Assessment and Response Resources

Revision Resources

  • Revision Exercises from FSU
    These are clearly geared towards a writing class specifically, but they might inspire your own practices.
  • Revision Exercises from UNR
    Not every exercise is as helpful as the others, but there are some good ideas here for in-class and out-of-class revision sessions.

Documentation Resources

Discipline-Specific Resources


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